It's her right

to run for office

Women aren't being heard in our political system. Let's work to change that. To reach equal representation, we need to build a community of curious and passionate women who are dedicated to creating equity in public leadership.

Women represent less than a third of our elected leadership. 

Although women make up half of the world's population, we are continually underrepresented in our nation's political sphere. We, as the people, cannot thrive or function as a governing body if the demographics that represent us are absent.

If we tap into the potential of our country's women, there is nothing that can stop us. 

Who We Are

It's Her Right is a student-run and student-led nonprofit organization dedicated to challenging the barriers that prevent women from running for elected office, and to inspiring the next generation of girls and women to pursue a career in the political world.

How We do it

We aim to convince all women, regardless of their background, ethnicity, or sexual orientation, that they are viable candidates, through our supportive community and leadership programs, such as our monthly seminars, executive leadership positions and bi-weekly blog posts.

What You Can Do

Join Our Community

Get all the resources you need to lead by registering for the It's Her Right community today!

Read Our Bi-Weekly Blog

Educate yourself about issues in women's politics, and learn valuable information about how to run for office!

Start Your Own Chapter

By starting your own chapter, you are able to spread our message, inspire young women and expand our reach!

*All references to ‘women and girls’ include gender-expansive individuals (cis women and girls, trans women and girls, nonbinary individuals, gender-nonconforming individuals, genderqueer individuals, and any women or girl identified individuals).